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Business consultant. Doesn’t publish daily, writes daily. Reads and writes on philosophy, society, business, science | Published in The Ascent

Interesting insights from a present business consultant

When you enter a meeting with a business consultant, you are almost always unsure of how they might surprise you.

Not by any arbitrary hypothesis which came in their mind last night, but a well researched, case tested, data-discussion based insight.

In the shoes of a consultant, there’s a constant pressure of convincing people in the room to realise something they hadn’t done until now, take up their follow up questions, deduce results not calculated until that point, but somehow tie the current results to the diverging hypothesis to build together a cohesive, progressive, “conclusive” discussion.

Many times, this involves…


With every passing year, Nirmala Sitharaman’s job keeps getting tougher

While her past budgets were a mixed bag of sorts, with critics claiming “intent not matching the need”, Nirmala Sitharaman (Finance minister of India) seems to get better with every passing year in her work, closely watched by nations across the globe.

Let’s be honest. This particular year was the toughest for her role.

While the government was being looked forward to increasing their expenditure, to revive the economy, they were also battling with reduced GDP (money earned) due to COVID. …

Personal experience of tackling the nasty lipids effectively

High cholesterol came as the most surprising bummer for me in 2018.

A 22-year-old guy, with no known familial history, a slim profile, and a sufficiently good past record of physical activity.

Yet somehow, I had it.

In high numbers.

I was in the last category of “very, very high”.

After 1.5 years of denial, I finally started listening to doctors. Yet, I wasn’t ready for medication.

This is when this secret superfood, as oddly simple as one can think of it, mysteriously appeared in front of me.

I’m not sure of how I came across it. Were it hundreds…

“It’s quiet for the most parts”

I just sat down at my home work station.

But I have hovered over the station twice already.

No, it was not a deliberate effort to check emails first thing in the morning.

My work station is just 5–6 feet away from my sleeping bed. Therefore, my ‘hovering’ was simply me booting up, checking my half-cooked emails from late yesterday, with a big lukewarm glass of water in hand.

No urgent emails to respond to, no client calls scheduled. Okay, cool.

I changed laptops to move to my personal laptop. To write this blog.

Had it been the ‘normal’ (let’s…


Story of how unilateral decision-making led India’s ruling government to face one of its largest opposition movements

Quick start — Farmers in India have been protesting for over 4 months now over newly introduced Agri-reforms. It is being touted as one of the largest protests in recent times, taking place in the shivering cold of New Delhi.

I would like to add a note that I’m not an economist or directly linked with policymakers. I express my views as a farmer, business consultant and an economics enthusiast. In terms of political opinion, I am inclined towards the centre of the political spectrum.

Farming is inherently an emotive issue.

You don’t need to be a farmer to understand…

It hurts when your partner rejects your views. But is “hurt” worth your offense?

On a bright Sunday morning, I had just sat down with my tea, browsing my Instagram feed. It was winters, and warm mornings like these lift your mood like nothing else.

On Instagram, my feed is generally filled with memes. Which are honestly funny. And at times manipulative.

Around this time, there were protests against the government regarding a newly introduced bill. In my view, it was a plain case of opposition ramble, their dissent at every other government’s policy.

And, fairly so. It is their job to bring out the fallacies in policies.

But all in all, I was…

Approach the discussion respectfully. Here’s how

The other day, I was having lunch with my cousin sister. We were present for a family function, and they had come from far to attend. She is younger than me, to the extent that we definitely have a generation gap.

TikTok doesn’t fancy me but goes quite well with people her age.

Nevertheless, we were talking and sat down for lunch. My mother was serving food. When she came around to her, she said, “Take more child, you look so frail. Come on, take another scoop of rice.” This is when I realized that yes, my cousin was visibly…

Strange, funny, and deadly serious at the same time

Finally, the virus knocks door at my laid back village with none other than my cousin brother.

A short story on how “serious” Covid events unfolded at my home base, whilst progressively getting illogically funny!

Oh no, but it’s not a funny story either.

Carry on.

The fateful news drops

“Well, as we always say to what happens to boys on motorbikes going on trips — your brother just tested Covid positive.”

Very well father. A concerning announcement delivered in the most reassuring way.

But if I must remind you…

“Oh shoot! He was here…

Coming from a not so beginner boxer. They said it’s a great cardio workout.

2020 started off on a sweet note for me. Workout wise.

At the start of the year, I was doing what I liked the most out of all physical exercises — Kick Boxing.

I didn’t mind the shivering cold of Delhi’s January, cycling to reach the training centre because as soon as I was in, the tall, black, mighty punching bags would greet me with a warm embracing sight. See the actual picture below and tell me you don’t love it.

Web Series

Don’t burn every artistic venture with camphor speed. Let the artists play their cards

When ‘The Boys’ creators announced (very casually) that for season 2 they are looking at a first-batch and then weekly releases, no one paid much attention. Everyone was like ‘meh, whatever’. No one actually thought that these “weekly” releases could be a thing in OTT, especially for originals trying to put in their toe in the humungous OTT world.

Well, as it was, the show released, fans got surprised, and the gobble masters, the “binge-watchers”, were of course disgruntled. …

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